Technology companies benefit from using Spark Rocket to provide comprehensive business-to-business marketing services. Our much-needed experience in technology marketing strategy, is mixed with our earth-shaking creativity.

We then:

  • Develop, target & communicate effectively with your total customer profile
  • Translate your technology into understandable language and memorable campaigns
  • Craft a marketing plan with budget, marketing tactics and truly memorable brands, promotions and campaigns supporting those tactics

We support a range of technologies and high-tech market sectors including RF, Millimeter Wave, RFID, sensor development, nanotechnology, IoT, telecom networking, robotics, intelligent supply chain, smart energy and more.






Spark Rocket delivers what technology companies most need for brand development: the benefit of a non-technologist’s eye. The challenge any company has with self-branding is being too close to the brand.

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Spark Rocket Marketing creates marketing launch plans that meet technology companies’ launch objectives.

Making a splash day one is important, but courting advocates pre-launch, coordinating all launch activities—digital and offline, and making sure follow-through captures every lead, advocate or sale is what ensures your launch achieves a strong return on your investment.



Spark Rocket Marketing only delivers stories to technology editors and producers that are real news, of community interest or provide third-party endorsement of our clients. This respect for the media garners our clients’ maximum exposure and builds the clients’ reputation as the go-to expert in their technology business’ industry.

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Public relations is probably the least understood aspect  of marketing, yet one of the best returns on your technology marketing investment. More than planning parties, a public relations plan gets you those oh-so-coveted marketing “holy grails” of credibility, 3rd party endorsement and organizational good will.

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We speak geek. One of our superpowers is being able to grasp complex technologies quickly and incorporate them into your content. .

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Spark Rocket Marketing creates crazily-creative multi-platform campaigns that use the tactics of offline, online and media engagement to garner maximum return on a company’s event investment.

Whether that campaign is tied to a major industry trade show, is a custom by-invite-only affair or a guerrilla-style event, Spark Rocket sets the content and message goals and ensures the marketing doesn’t begin and end at the event but includes a pre-and-post-event set of marketing actions.



Unconventional tactics in both digital and offline marketing make for high-impact campaigns with the best return on investment.

We’ve sent flying pigs to security-industry managers, dropped custom urinal cakes (yes, urinal cakes!) in tradeshow men’s rooms with messages reminding attendees to “hide your parts” for a high-value-commercial-parts-finding company (complete with a “find the golden urinal cake”—Willy Wonka-style contest!) and unleashed a cadre of cat burglars on unsuspecting guests looking for IP cameras.

These are just a few examples of Spark Rocket’s innovative and cost-effective guerrilla marketing campaigns.



Promotions describes the comprehensive campaigns we create for technology businesses.

This includes paid advertising components, but we also integrate any ad campaigns into your customer engagement strategy ensuring that all social, digital, direct marketing or other channels are incorporated into the campaign. More than just an advertisement, our promotions are about engagement with your customers.


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