Public relations is probably the least understood aspect  of marketing, yet one of the best returns on your technology marketing investment. More than planning parties, a public relations plan gets you those oh-so-coveted marketing “holy grails” of credibility, 3rd party endorsement and organizational good will.

We create strategic public relations plans that include marrying your organization to the right corporate social responsibility (CSR) program—one that reflects your company’s corporate culture and passion, but also positions your products and services where your customers are.

We also help you manage the conversation around your CSR choices and be ready to deal with crisis management and support when and if you create controversy!

We also help you develop a new or maximize use your existing board of directors, individual advocates and corporate partners to speak on your behalf, include you in their PR strategies and act on your behalf. That’s the “third party endorsement” that is so valuable to early-stage companies!