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The Mission: Re-branding to things that don’t make you go ‘boom’


LAUNCHPAD CHALLENGE: Re-design high-tech, global brand Our client had made the mistake so many tech companies make. Their products were designed to detect and eliminate explosive threats so what did they have all over their website? Pictures of things blowing up. Add to that dark, blurred, subversive looking scary guards, an all-too-overdone globe-logo to try and say “we’re global” and tons of words and pictures of boxes, and they were breaking all of the rules of branding starting with the rule of appealing to your customers’ needs and desires rather than scaring them with their own fears!


ROCKET-FUELED SOLUTION: Benefits based branding Before: • Dated “Jetsons” fonts in logo copy • The “globe” says we’re “global” trap • Imagery showing tech-gadgets and boxes not solutions • Disjointed, unappealing design too heavy on verbiage


• High-tech logo • Iconography showed company identity as “solution provider” with puzzle/solution metaphor • Showed “global” reach without ubiquitous globe imagery • Offered appealing benefits-driven imagery over product imagery




THE IMPACT: Dramatic increase in high-value customers • Increased product sales leads by 287% • Sales generation strong enough to procure three additional 535,000+ product lines • New global partnerships in Europe, Middle-east and Central America • Major product trials in U.S. government sites • Enabled development of I.C.E.Cube portable, integrated multi-threat


THE PAYLOAD: What’s on board! • Analysis of old brand • Custom logo • Extensive imagery search to ensure longevity of brand • Complete overhaul of all print and digital materials • Ongoing design of all corporate materials from promotions to event booths