Brand Development: UltraVision

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The Mission: UltraVision Re-branding


LAUNCHPAD CHALLENGE: Re-brand high-tech company Owned and driven by engineers, UltraVision was suffering from what we see all too often at Spark Rocket Marketing. We love working with technologists, we work hard to earn their respect and have the utmost respect for them. We become valued partners when they realize our ability to translate complex technologies into accessible content. But, as we sometimes say “what we do is not rocket science, but rocket scientists can’t do what we do!”. Without a marketing team, the engineers and executive team were both too close to theft own brand and tended to look at the brand through engineering eyes, not the eyes of their customers!


ROCKET-FUELED SOLUTION: The BEFORE and AFTER BEFORE: • Logo with dated font and no integration of iconography • Company in trap of showing “industry problems” over benefits • No memorable, compelling or benefits-driven tagline or supporting copy • Challenge of three similar but distinct target product lines and audiences: police, security, rescue personnel


AFTER: • Future-looking logo for high-tech company with: o San-serif font o lntergrated iconography with ultra-wideband tech represented by “V” in UltraVisionn o Corporate tagline representing company’s motion detection core • Overall Imagery focused on solutions rather than problems • Clearly presents client’s three distinct markets • Distinct, clear appeals to company’s three target markets’
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The future In motion


THE IMPACT: Increased response • Objective increase in metrics (in conjunction with a comprehensive marketing strategy) including: o 1766% increase in leads generated via paid media o 1362.5% increase in qualified leads at first major tradeshow post-brand relaunch • Highly favorable subjective response from media, industry leaders, customers including: o 17x press placements in first three months of relaunch o Major industry pundit walks into to tradeshow booth and exclaims: Wow, UltraVision is really going places!”
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THE PAYLOAD: What’s on board! • New corporate logo, tagline, imagery selection and graphics standards • Complete brand strategy for three key product lines including: o Taglines for company and products o Imagery, logos and graphics standards company and products • New physical and digital design presence for company and product lines