The Vision:

LAUNCHPAD CHALLENGE: Maximize clients’ CSR Efforts AXIS had long been a large sponsor of the security industry’s Mission 500. Both corporate giving and employee support had increased year over year. For the fifth anniversary of the Security 5K for Mission 500 at ISC West, we wanted to call special attention to the run, increase social exposure, drive people to support AXIS’ team efforts, add runners and walkers to the event and really leave a lasting impression.

ROCKET-FUELED SOLUTION: Custom song and flash-mob Working with an all-volunteer team from Mission 500 and our Vegas team, Spark Rocket Marketing revised the Mission 500 song “One Child at a Time” to have an upbeat, fast paced spirit and serve as background to our “Flash Mobbing” of ISC West. With a cast of 30 professionals and a host of volunteers, we flashed-mobbed showgoers at registration, ticket pick-up, the AXIS booth and several other high-traffic venues in the Sands Convention Center. Hidden beneath blazers and jackets, our professional cast began dancing to One Child ata Time clearing space in the show crowd for a high energy dance, revealing the AXIS logo on their shirts. Ballet lifts, tumblers, breakers, balloons, sparkler cannons and the joining in of our volunteer cast members made for a bang-up finale promoting Mission 500 and the AXIS brand.


THE PAYLOAD: What’s on board!

• See it here: Link to YouTube video.

• Custom developed CSR concept

• Liaison coordination with Mission 500 organization, World Vision, ISO West, Sands Convention Center, AXIS exec team, press and media sponsors

• Custom song coordination and product

• Choreography, casting, logistics management

THE IMPACT: Lasting PR value

• Full page article and picture in the “Show Daily”

• Replay of the song and flash mob video at three different locations besides our mob locations

• Largest immediate social response to any video


AXIS’ history

• Repeated play throughout the year at Mission 500 and World Vision conferences showcasing the AXIS brand to new audiences