Spark Rocket delivers what technology companies most need for brand development: the benefit of a non-technologist’s eye. We also deliver a no-nonsense, no-exceptions brand strategy mantra: “If you market to everyone you market to no one.”

The two challenges any company has with self-branding are (1) being too close to the brand and (2) not understanding their customer.

This “too close to the brand” challenge is exacerbated at technology companies because the organization often focuses on the features of the technology when it is the benefits that are mission-critical to brand identity. Or they focus on what they are overcoming, like the weapons detection company with imagery of a building blowing up when it should show safe employees, heroes coming home and all that makes their product feel like the best choice for safety.

The “not understanding their customer” challenge is unique to no company. You absolutely panic when you think “yes, I know we’re mostly a product bought by 35 year old women, but what about that 19 year old guy over there who is the exception — what if we miss that sale?” Well, you might. That’s just the rub. But if you’ve added marketing resources to trying to get the one exception, you miss putting your resources where they need to be — with your low-hanging fruit.

Our brand development services include more than just a logo design and pretty colors, though we offer all of that. It starts with brand strategy and then we support that strategy with clear, repeatable messaging, taglines, typography, imagery and yes, logo design and pretty colors.