We like the following post from Heidi Cohen. We’re planning a future post to help technology business builders by providing our view on the differences between marketing, marketing communications and the many marketing sub-categories. We think it can be incredibly challenging to know the difference when your day-to-day revolves around inventing and building advanced technologies. But if building your advanced technology into a viable business is important, you’re going to want a foundation in the terms so you can best select the marketing resources and activities–like content marketing, branding, promotions and public relations–that you need!

We think this article is a pretty good pre-tutorial to that, so it’s our Rocket-Fueled Read of the Week! Thanks Heidi!

What Marketing Is NOT – Heidi Cohen

My recent post of marketing definitions with contributions from seventy-two different sources generated a lo . . .

Copyright © 2015 by Heidi Cohen, some rights reserved.



Marketing 101 for Mad (and not so mad) Scientists

We’ve been involved in helping emerging technologies right out of the laboratory go from tech to successfully sold product or successful exit for over 20 years (we’re kind of bad a**es in that area.) So we’re confident in giving you this piece of early advice.

Your technology may be the neatest thing since sliced bread. But poor brand choices, not properly evaluating your customer or customer profile, implementing the wrong tactical marketing or, prior to that and most importantly–not validating your market potential prior to moving out of the lab–can be costly or even business-ending.

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No F*s left Friday: There is NO SUCH THING thing as social strategy

bigstock-Couples-Dining--Retro-Clipart-38735113 (1) (1)That’s right, all of you believers in social as the holy grail, there is no such thing as social strategy. At least not in a vacuum.

Here’s why:

  • Social is a channel with subset channels like FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Social is not strategic; it is tactical
  • You can never have a “set strategy” for the types of engagement you need to execute social tactics effectively. Why? Because audience response will always, always, always cause you to deviate from that strategy.
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It’s no F*s Left Friday! You suck at branding.

That’s okay — so do we.

We all suck at branding when it comes to our own brand,

You see, when it comes to brand development, we have found the biggest mistake companies make is trying to D.I.Y. it. Even your internal teams who are the brightest, most creative, best artists and messaging team ever? Well, when it comes to brand development, they are way too close to your product to know clearly what your name, tagline(s), visual elements and impact graphics need to be.

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Superstition realized…

So my mother had a superstition. On New Year’s day, beginning as early as 12:01 a.m., you should DO the things you want to have occur in that year and avoid the things you don’t (like chores, busy work, unpleasant tasks). So, in that vein, I spent yesterday doing some most pleasant things like:

Reconnecting with friends!

Reconnecting with friends!

  • An exercise trifecta: yoga, swimming a few laps (yes, Spark Rocket is in FLORIDA!) AND weight-training
  • Working on a new,super-fun start-up endeavor launching in 2016
  • Promoting a current client whose mission for the year aligns with ours
  • Reconnecting with some long-time, too-long-missed friends
  • Having a very long conversation with a love who lives too far away
  • Writing creatively: I finished a long-in-the-works Zombie short story!
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A toast to resolutions!

It seems to have become fashionable to eschew resolution-making. Provocative headlines citing studies of how often resolutions fail are filling my Facebook feed.

But we’d like to raise a toast to resolutions! (BTW- we’ll admit it’s a slightly self-serving toast — it seems that greater temperance in one form or another is a collective resolution for 2016 among Spark Rocket’s team and clients, so we have to get in all the martini toasts we can, NOW!)

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