Superstition realized…

So my mother had a superstition. On New Year’s day, beginning as early as 12:01 a.m., you should DO the things you want to have occur in that year and avoid the things you don’t (like chores, busy work, unpleasant tasks). So, in that vein, I spent yesterday doing some most pleasant things like:

Reconnecting with friends!

Reconnecting with friends!

  • An exercise trifecta: yoga, swimming a few laps (yes, Spark Rocket is in FLORIDA!) AND weight-training
  • Working on a new,super-fun start-up endeavor launching in 2016
  • Promoting a current client whose mission for the year aligns with ours
  • Reconnecting with some long-time, too-long-missed friends
  • Having a very long conversation with a love who lives too far away
  • Writing creatively: I finished a long-in-the-works Zombie short story!

And every time I was tempted to make the bed, tidy a few tables, vacuum or sort laundry, I stepped away from the chore!

Now normally I wouldn’t put much stock in superstition but last year, I was at a NYE party where at 12:01a, I found myself in a room with a ton of gamers and NOW, gaming is a giant part of Spark Rocket’s client base. And we’re pretty stoked about providing leadership not only to our games dev clients, but also to our Central Florida community to promote the growth of this $102 billion industry here. Check this out!

So, what did YOU do on New Year’s Day?


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