A toast to resolutions!

It seems to have become fashionable to eschew resolution-making. Provocative headlines citing studies of how often resolutions fail are filling my Facebook feed.

But we’d like to raise a toast to resolutions! (BTW- we’ll admit it’s a slightly self-serving toast — it seems that greater temperance in one form or another is a collective resolution for 2016 among Spark Rocket’s team and clients, so we have to get in all the martini toasts we can, NOW!)

We’ve already made some loosely-defined resolutions here:

  • We want to support both current and new clients with a plan to lead marketing trends and cut through marketing clutter by availing ourselves of top educational opportunities and participating in explosive mastermind groups.
  • We want to say “yes” more to things that scare us and “no” more to things we might do just because they are comfortable.
  • We want to surround ourselves and target our growth plan to align us with the businesses and people for which and whom we have a passion!
  • And we have a goal to bring at least 5 technology start-ups into the Spark Rocket family this year, offering them well-defined marketing launches that are based in highly-defined strategy, supported by our crazy-creativity and having measurable success parameters.

We are still refining and defining these semi-existential resolutions into SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-bound.

Of course, the turn of the clock into a new year is not the only time to make these types of SMART goals, but we think it’s as good a time as any to re-assess where we are and where we are going.

We plan to Spark big things in 2016 and look forward to having you aboard our rocket-ship.

Happy New Year from Angela and the Spark Rocket team!





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