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Our Services

Our Services

We support a range of technologies and high-tech market sectors.



Press relations, public relations, promotions: digital and offline, events and shows, and guerilla campaigns.

Command Team

Command Team

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Want stratospheric returns on your high-tech company’s marketing efforts?

Call us to discuss your high-tech marketing company’s needs: +1-407-760-7360.

We’ll sit down with you over a cup of rocket fuel and discuss your marketing messaging, strategic plan and the tactics you’re using to drive your ROI.

Spark Rocket Marketing offers marketing communications services to technology companies — especially high-tech companies going from lab to commercial availability. Think sensors, nanotechnology, manufacturing, RFID/wireless, cleantech and more.

If it starts in a lab, our superpower is translating complex technologies to understandable marketing messaging and tactics. We improve our clients’ ROI by creating engagement opportunities and building desire for their products and services, while distinguishing those products or services in the marketplace.






High Tech Marketing isn't Geeky

No F**ks Left Friday! High Tech Marketing Isn't Geeky

Your high tech marketing isn’t supposed to be geeky. “But of course it is,” you cry. “If you don’t tell […]

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Spark Something in YOUR Marketing

Spark Something. Seriously. Ep.1: “So you do marketing??”

We help our clients create strong marketing elevator pitches. But, paring down marketing services into a 30 second elevator speech […]

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"Hey, how do you like my logo?"

“How do you like my new logo, is it good?” A friend to our firm “re-branding” his consulting firm asked […]

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Messaging: It matters more than the means!

So when we venture out to share the messaging about what we do with the B2B and tech communities we […]

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